The Beauty Of Architecture The Jain Dilwara Temples Of India

From mount abu,Dilwara located approximately 2.5 kilometers.Chalukyas built this temple in the 11th and 13th centuries with the architectural beauty of the carvings on the ceiling,doors and panels using white marble in the temple, with 4.3 tons of great brass Tirthankara statue, made of Panchadhatu (gold, silver, brass, copper and zinc).This temple was in the middle of hilly forest,dilwara also provides facilities to shower and get ready to use passive solar to heat water for bathing and other stuff.dilwara consists of 5 identtas temple with a different and unique, for naming, each temple named after the small village where he there.fifthly this temple Vimal Vasahi, Luna Vasahi, Pithalhar, Khartar Vasahi, and Mahaveer Swami.
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