The Best Vacation at Christmas on Christmas Island, Northwest of Perth in Western Australia

Christmas vacation is a great holiday to be celebrated with joy and delight, and not complete it if you do not spend time your Christmas vacation time on the island a beautiful and charming Christmas, Christmas Island is located in the northwest of Perth in Western Australia, to be precise about 500 kilometers south of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Relax, have fun with your sweet little family at the moment of happy Christmas, with beautiful beaches around the island atmosphere of Christmas, soft, bright and charming, including Lily beach, beach Greta, and Dolly Ethel Beach is all the excitement that you would get on Christmas Island, you can also be adventurous nature to the Christmas Island National Park, where abundant flora and fauna in the area of national parks. you also can easily find a hotel for several days on the island of Christmas, whether for business or for your visitors, and you definitely get good service and cozy.

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Australian Indian Ocean Territories Airlines offers flights to Christmas Island, you can also take advantage of Flying Fish Cove by a passing cruise ship.

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