The Best White Sand Beach Florida, Siesta Key

Located west of Sarasota florida, beautiful sandy beaches Siesta Key has received many awards, one of which is the “World’s Finest whitest sand” is also one of the best beaches in America after Cooper’s beach.

This beach is really beautiful, like a small heaven descended from the sky, powder soft sand, warm sunshine, a clean, well equipped beach facilities, including public toilets, picnic without a roof, gazebo, beach volleyball, playground equipment , coast guard, as well as tennis courts, the beach is worth accompany Cooper’s beach as best beach.

See wild birds around the shores of one sister who also became popular in Siesta Key, including wild parrots, pelicans, keeps, kettle, ibis, storks, and spoonbills. If your water sports lovers, this place, covering sailboarding, fishing, snorkeling, Parasailing and sail if you want your holiday relaxation in Siesta Key. Spent several days in Siesta key is a fun and perfect with rental of lodging facilities include cottages, bungalows, 4 star resort and home, so scared of what you experience if you visit Siesta Key?

Florida Beaches, Siesta Key White San