The Gothic Architectural Style of Prague Castle

Prague Castle is a castle with Gothic architectural style of ancient Rome that was founded by a prince of the dynasty Premyslid Borivoj around the year 880, this castle is an ancient symbol czech nation, and is the most important historic sites in this ceko. Castle republic has an area of 70,000 m² and a castle which is the world’s largest world heritage of UNESCO.

Building the castle is thick with a touch of rock and clay, such as the moat and castle, and every building was set up in stages of the century, 10-14, as the Mother church and monastery (Benedictine nuns) who designed and built for the dedicated to St. George and St. Vitus.

Short Stories :
In World War II, which at that time Czechoslovakia had been occupied by the Nazis in this place be a nest (Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia), and after Czechoslovakia became the Czech and Slovak halibut, is then used as a place where the head of the Czech state. At that time president Václav Havel gave full responsibility to Borek Sipek.
And at the Prague Castle after the Velvet revolution experienced significant improvements and reconstruction continues. Which conducted by renowned Slovenian architect Josip Plecnik in the year (1918-1938).

Prague Czech Republic, Gothic Architectural Style
The World Heritage of UNESCO Prague Castle