The Grand Palace, Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok The Grand Palace is a palace of jewels and gold, which became one of the first splendor in thailand. Grand palace became the royal residence of tahun1782-1946. And the last king who live there was King Chulalongkorn. The tower of gold began construction on 6 May 1782.
Initially the palace consisted of several wooden buildings surrounded by four sides with a 1900-meter high defensive walls which cover an area of 218 400 square. square meters long, with the west side of the river and the royal temple situated on the east, with all of the structure facing north.
The palace itself is divided into three quarters, namely:
– settlements outside
– middle quarter
– and space in.
This site is also often done by kings such as pickles coronations ritual (funeral) kingdom, marriage and the state banquet.This building is also used as the office of the Royal Household Bureau, Office of Private Secretary to the King and the Royal Institute of Thailand.
Entrance fees to the Temple of Emerald Buddha and the Central Court of the Grand Palace is 350 Baht ($ 10.71). Hours : Grand Palace is open daily 8:30 to 3:30. registration fee also includes admission to Vimanmek Mansion that can be used within seven days you visit the Grand Palace.
to enter the grand palace there are rules of dress, a man must wear long pants and shirts with sleeves, for women should wear decent clothes.and to all visitors who enter are not allowed to wear footwear. Because the Temple of Emerald Buddha is Thailand’s most sacred site.
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Famous Building in Bangkok, Thailand
Sculpture at Grand Palace, Bangkok Thailand