The Hydroelectric Dam, Itaipu Dam in Paraguay

Itaipu Dam is a hydroelectric operation the largest in terms of annual generating capacity, Itaipu Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Parana river border between Brazil and Paraguay.

Itaipu is a name of an island near the dam construction, which means “voice of stone”, Itaipu dam built to supply water and electricity continuity to the two countries, was built in January 1975 and completed on October 13 1982.

Can you imagine how big this dam has a total length of 7235 m, and 225 m elevation and 483 m long peak valve. Itaipu dam is built with concrete equivalent to build 210 football stadiums the size of Estadio do Maracana, and use iron, equivalent to build 380 Eiffel Tower, so naturally if the Itaipu Dam, a major tourist spot and the most expensive ever built.