Thessaloniki, Famous City Destination in Greece

Thessaloniki is one of the largest cities  of Greece. It is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea in the north-eastern Greece. These city is Greece’s second largest economic center, industrial, commercial and political, and a transportation hub for the rest of southern Europe, This place is one vacation destination city with amazing monuments and historic buildings,  like churches, and buildings of historical past. in addition to offering tours of ancient buildings, Thessaloniki Greece is also a  home to a number of festivals  and events which is held every year, such as  The Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, is the most important event in this city,  which is held every year during the autumn,  international Film Festival, Dimitria festival held each February to mid-April, and much more. If you want a holiday by the beach, the city also offers some beautiful coastline complete with accommodation  facilities  not far from the coastal area. Via

Historic Buildings at Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki Buildings
Thessaloniki in Greece