Things to do in Colmar, Alsace in France

Beautiful, historic, and comfortable, this is a word that could describe one of the city in France, Colmar. Being the last city that was released in the second world war Colmar in Alsace is now a destination for domestic tourists who want a closer peek about French culture and traditions of each event. The city is situated between Basel and Strasbourg, if you are coming from these two cities, you can get it by train, this will be a special experience, especially if you do it with the family. In addition, there is a bus near the border in Breisach, or by train from Freiburg. Euroairport in Basel is one of the airport closest to Colmar, this is if you arrive by plane, apart from Stuttgart, Zurich and Nancy.

Things to do in Colmar France

Before conducting exploration to the town in France, we recommend you start at the medieval old town, old town of Colmar is one of the major attractions that draw thousands of visitors each year, one thing that makes this place special, It is stunningly beautiful and well maintained. You can explore every corner of the city, walk along the old road, which is dotted with shops, cafes, historic old buildings and much more. One of the buildings to the attention of tourists is the Maison des Tetes, this is a Renaissance building an old wooden house is awesome, one of the oldest in Colmar. If you ‘ve heard of painting Schongauer, this town you can get a chance to see it, you should visit the Dominican Church visitig to get a chance, take a closer look famous painting, and architecture of the church building that is equally amazing. Or visit the Church of St. Martin’s made ??entirely of brick.

Your journey has not been completed, there is still a place that must be listed on your book travel, Unterlinden Museum is the most interesting museum, located in a medieval convent near the tourist information center. This museum contains many paintings, knitted rugs, and silver, but the one thing that most stands out from the visitor’s attention is Isenheim altarpiece by Gruenewald. The collection also includes paintings by Holbein the Elder, Renoir, and Picasso. The museum is also showing some very interesting exhibition tours and music events as well. In addition, you can also visit other museums are also very interesting, like the Bartholdi Museum.

Enjoying a beautiful corner of the old town is one of the most beautiful, romantic, and fun, Little Venice is the right place when you figure this out, there is a small canal like a canal in Venice, Italy. Near this area, there are Bartholdi High School, where one of the original statue of Auguste Bartholdi “Genie funebre “, contained therein. Walking the old road to enjoy the city is the best way to explore Colmar, where you may occasionally stop at the store that sold by the store, or stop at a restaurant for a taste of Alsatian cuisine is adjacent to other accommodation facilities such as hotels Colmar.

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