Things to do in Johannesburg South Africa

What your destination this time to Johannesburg, one of the city that attracts thousands of visitors in Africa? If yes, make sure you check out first places to be on the agenda of your trip to this African city. City in Africa contains some of the attractions, restaurants and lively nightlife, as well as a list of accommodations that are worth considering. For that, try to choose the package to get the trip that does not disappoint. City of Johannesburg has several major attractions in some areas, including Soweto, which is one popular area for tourists from all over the world, you can observe several historic buildings there, visit the credo Mutwa Village, Hector Pietersen Museum, and the Mandela Family Museum, the Museum of Apartheid, and there are several museums and galleries you can visit. The city center is a place where tourists begin their journey, they usually visit Newtown, Museum Africa and Market Theatre, here you will enjoy a variety of traditions and culture that plays host to the city. In addition, you can also enjoy the natural beauty of South Africa from the top of the tallest buildings African Rand.

Things to do in Johannesburg South Africa

Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, is a green park that is still left in
Johannesburg. There are many species of birds  can you observe,
including the Black Eagle. Restaurant is one of the accommodations are easily found, located in the neighborhood as well as picnic and braai area. if you are a student, you can benefit from the discounts offered.

After that, you can continue your visit to Constitution Hill is located at the eastern edge of the site Braamfontein famous Old Fort prison complex, in downtown. Consists of the courtroom, museums and art galleries parts. Or visit the Lesedi village which offers a variety of local culture and food in an authentic Zulu, Pedi, Sotho, Ndebele and Xhosa village.

Observing wild animals is one thing to look for the tourists, for that,
it helps if you visit the Lion Park is situated on the R114 near the corner with Malibongwe, there are various animals that you can observe, such as lions, giraffes, antelope, and zebra. If you want to experience more, you can visit a gold mine, about 35 minutes drive from Johannesburg international airport.

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