Things To Do in Nova Scotia, New Scotland

Is a peninsula that juts from the mainland of Canada to the Atlantic Ocean, and is one of Canada’s three Maritime provinces and is the most populous province in Atlantic Canada. Nova Scotia is one that is quite popular holiday destination, despite the holiday event for families, lovers, or single. Perhaps fresh seafood will be a favorite part of your trip, or maybe live music that fills the night. Maybe a chance to sit down with an artisan and learn new skills. For others, it will be a beautiful landscape or a virtually unlimited opportunities for outdoor adventure. And others just like all the parts of their trip to the Maritime Provinces. There are many things to do in Nova Scotia, you have many options for accommodations. You can book a hotel in one of the smaller towns are relaxing, fishing villages, or in the Halifax capital, you will find a lot experiences that will make your holiday unforgettable. In general, throughout the province offer the opportunity to connect with a rich heritage.

Nova Scotia is New Scotland, Gaelic heritage celebrated in many place, from holding festivals, and attractions. Beginning in the early 1700s, settlers came in droves from Scotland and Ireland, settled on the peninsula and Cape Breton Island. Islanders, many of them spoke Gaelic and English, known for their hospitality and warm welcome. Experience living history waiting in Highland Village, while the classes and concerts at the Interpretation Centre Celtic You can also experience the heritage of the Old World with the Antigonish Highland Games, held every July. Any time of year, time spent at the Ceilidh, will be sure to warm your heart. This celebration combines good music and good food with an opportunity to make new friends.

Music is an essential element of the capital city of Halifax, where the event is usually held around July, has done since 1979, which offers more features than 1,000 actors and hours of family friendly fun. When in port, you will find many attractions and amenities, you’ll find Harbor Farmers markets, where local food and handmade crafts are sold, during a visit to the capital of Nova Scotia Canada, is not complete if you have not visited the National Historic Fort Site Halifax to return to the Victorian era. Where the guides explain the history with interactive, where you and your family will learn a lot about dress costumes, recipes taste of the past, and many more.

You also can enjoy a calm and pleasant atmosphere of the beach in Nova Scotia, surfing, whale watching and surfing. Geocaching is one of the activities of the coast and then towards the lush green forests around Lunenburg. Once you see the cool places in Nova Scotia, you can also jump a ferry to visit the nearby New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. No matter where you choose to explore up and down the beach, you will feel the dramatic scenery and friendly hospitality that has become characteristic of Atlantic Canada. You will go home with some amazing pictures and memories even more amazing. Image Via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5