Things to do in Zagreb in Croatia

This is the time visiting Zagreb in Croatia, this beautiful city is one of the most frequently visited city in Croatia. The city offers the rest of medieval buildings, with cobbled streets are inviting more than 500 thousand visitors every year.

You can start your journey from The Upper and Lower Towns, also called for the town of Gornji grad, and the town of Donji grad. This is where you will find many restaurants and rest of medieval buildings in the Upper town, can also be said, this is the hub of the religious, cultural and commercial Zagreb. In addition, you can go to the top of Radi?eva street to Old Town Gate in the Upper Town, this is where the Virgin Mary shrine is located, and residents believe that if you light a candle, your wish will come true. Beautiful views of Lower Town is one of the form the appeal of Zagreb, in addition to street musicians, painters and other artists.

There are parks in Zagreb suitable for relaxing and picnics, you can buy soft drinks and food in the restaurant garden, or walking through the woods or by a small lake. Good for jogging, cycling, also children and dog friendly. Offers rowing lake in two lake options, Jarun and Bundek lake, a place where fireworks festivals, concerts and workshops were held during the summer. In addition, there are the Botanical Gardens near the Esplanade Hotel.

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