Tossa de Mar, Picturesque Town and Famous Tourist Attraction in Costa Brava, Catalan Spain

Tossa de Mar is a picturesque town and famous tourist attraction  in Catalan Spain, This town lies precisely in Costa Brava. The municipality is located about 100 km north of Barcelona and the same distance from the border south of France. these place was founded by the Roman colonizers. and, still there are the remaining relics of the past of buildings, like the ruins of gothic castles, forts, ruins of the Vila Vella near the beach, and others, in addition to offering historical buildings, Tossa de Mar also offers several sandy beaches dotted with rocks and coral, which is characteristic of the Costa Brava beach, so the place has become one popular destination for diving and others water sports.

Gothic Castles in Tossa de Mar1
Tossa de Mar in Catalan Spain
Tossa de Mar View from Castle