Toulouse City, One of Famous Tourism City in France

As you probably know, France is a country that is famous for its tourism which has always attracted thousands of visitors from around the world, regardless of the historic buildings and beautiful city. Like this one, Toulouse is one of the city frequented by tourists when traveling to France, the city is located near the border of Italy and Spain, precisely, is located on the banks of the Garonne River. This place is very popular with local art and different cultures, in addition to the stunning architecture of brick, from which he derived the name of Ville Rose or Pink City.

Toulouse France is one of the four largest metropolitan areas in the country, after Lyon, Paris and Marseille. Where historic sites buildings, and attractions such as bridges, museums and basilicas found in many places, many tourists enjoy the beauty of the city with a boat tour along the Canal du Midi or walking tours. You can explore Saint-Pierre, the Basilica of Saint Sernin, Pont Neuf, and Bazacle, as well as the historic city of Carcassonne. Toulouse has a special and unique aspects of the cuisine, so a lot of foreign tourists enjoy a variety of cuisine from several restaurants in this city, both for foreign and local restaurants, and French cuisine is vast and very good for foodies and gourmets. Just a few favorite dishes in Toulosue including cassoulet, foie gras, saucisse de Toulousee, and all kinds of dry sausage. Ham, poultry, beans, cheese, and artisan breads made ??their way into a lot of good menu in town, too. There are also many opportunities to enjoy shopping in the city of Toulouse, whether you’re looking for items of high-end fashion designer or a local arts and crafts. There is a fine boutiques, markets, and all kinds of galleries, where you can buy works of art by local artists.

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