Travel Ideas to Historic City of Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a historic city in Belgium, located in the northwestern part of the country in the region of West Flanders. Bruges preserved almost intact since the Middle Ages. Bruges annually hosts more than 3.6 million tourists from around the world. Historical Centre is located on an island surrounded by channels, so the most popular tourist attractions in these place is a cruising boat. When you explore the city of Bruges Belgium, you can easily overlook  to 83 meters high tower Belfort, which is higher than the Gothic town hall, Other old buildings is the Basilica of Holy Blood, which stores bulb containing the alleged decline of the blood of Jesus. or seen the real jewel of art  in the church of Notre Dame. and Michelangelo Marie Child In a side chapel, created out of white marble – Madonna of Bruges, which is a masterpiece of Michelangelo outside Italy and 13th century bell tower, In addition to historical monuments Bruges or Brugge also has diamond museum. And Since 2000, the historic center of Bruges is inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Bruges Market
Bruges Square Centre
Bruges, Historic City in Belgium