Travelling Through Heathrow Airport

Hotels near Heathrow Airport are among the most business-friendly in the world. With Park and stay services available as well as a wide variety of meeting rooms, those who opt for these amenities can travel to and from London on the convenient Heathrow Express train. Your Heathrow hotel options range from comfortable budget stays to opulent accommodation choices near to the airline gates, dining, shopping and nearby Heathrow attractions.

Heathrow Airport connects with efficient and economical public transportation systems heading to and from central London. Take the train into Paddington Station for a full or half-day excursion into the heart of London for fabulous food, shopping sprees and a visit to some of the region’s top tourist attractions. So if you are in the area in transit and need to kill a few hours, London is easy to reach.

There is a Holiday Inn at Heathrow as well, so the airport is amply stocked with hotels.

Combine your walking tour with a few connections on The Tube or London buses for a comprehensive day of sightseeing. Take a tip from the top 10 London sights or make your own fun in a traditional or trendy pub.

It’s impossible to make the most of London in just a few hours, but visitors might like to start with one or two of the following:

1. Big Ben and The House Of Parliament
2. Trafalgar Square
3. The British Museum
4. Buckingham Palace
5. The Tower Bridge
6. The Tower of London Tour
7. The London Eye Ferris Wheel
8. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
9. Covent Garden
10. Westminster Abbey

Booking a hotel near Heathrow Airport takes just one click of the mouse. Local hotels compete for your business by offering competitive online discounts, packaged deals and generous consumer incentives, but for a really comfortable and relaxing stay why not try the Crowne Plaza?

Packing Light
Seasoned travellers know that packing light is the only way to go. Avoid lugging cumbersome bags and escape the hefty airline luggage fees by packing only what you need and nothing more. Three days of professional clothing in your case will carry you through a week-long business trip when you take advantage of the hotel’s dry cleaning and laundry service. Pack matching colours or neutral coloured clothing to mix and match a few garments and half the battle of the suitcase bulge is solved.

Personal Items Left Behind In A Hotel Room
Checking out of a hotel room can leave you breathless and forgetful. To ensure you have collected all of your belongings before you leave, creating a checklist can be helpful. A thorough job of packing means checking in the room’s nooks and crannies, including under beds and armchairs. Before you leave, be sure to check the top five hotel room places where people leave their valuables behind:

1. Check the cupboard and wardrobe floors for items that have fallen off the hangers
2. Check the back of each drawer for small items
3. Check the shower shelves and bathtub ledges for any valuables
4. Check under the bed for watches, jewellery, cufflinks, etc
5. Check your balcony for personal items left on the chairs, tables and floor

If you follow these guidelines, you won’t leave your Heathrow hotel wanting to go back to the airport.