Tunisia Travel and Tourism Information

There are several places in the world for tourists on vacation, many of them looking for a place to spend their holidays in unique place, this time we will give you a little information about Tunisia travel. This place is one of quite popular vacation spot where tourists get a chance to enjoy a Mediterranean beach holidays, adventure, history and culture. Tunisia tourism is well developed, both for charter flights, hotels, private accommodation, apartments and other accommodation.

The country has a rich culture and ancient history to share, from Berber adventure in the Sahara desert to the ruins of Rome and Carthage. There are also a number of options for flights to Djerba and Tunis and Monastir. Djerba Island offers access to the Sahara desert unique landscape. Djerba has averaged more than 200 days of sunshine per year, but the climate is milder than the mainland Tunisia. In addition, you can also get more experience with the train ride to Mahdia in Cap d’Afrique, here you will find the streets winding and a huge castle, and if you are looking for clean beaches and majestic, this is the place. Like Sousse, this place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for architecture and also a popular beach resort option.

Treks into the wilderness is an increasingly popular part of the visit to Tunisia, and the towns of Douz and Touzeur is a good starting point. Close to Touzeur is Metlaoui small town, and this is the starting point of a great train journey. Repaired with beautiful cart dates from 1904, and the luxury train will take you to a desert mountain landscape is truly amazing.

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