Vacation in Luxembourg – Western Europe

Being one of the countries in Western Europe which is often overlooked by many travelers, however, Luxembourg is a destination of fun, here there are various cultures, beautiful hills, ancient castles and ancient villages that offer a unique trips. Luxembourg is bordered by Belgium, Germany and France. While this is a small country, Luxembourg is easily accessible and has all modern facilities. Luxembourg City airport is a major aviation hub and the country is served by Luxair and major European airlines, including British Airways and Air France. If you do not care to fly, great Luxembourg travel by train. Popular international rail services, including the Benelux, rail passes offer solely to Luxembourg travel or journey that includes services for the surrounding countries as well.

If you are planning a vacation in Luxembourg, the best time to visit is between May and October, July and August, but if you do not want to be surrounded many other tourists, you should choose another time in the winter, where you easily get a hotel, hostel, and ski holidays. Luxembourg vacation offers a variety attractions and easy to get all. For a nominal fee, you can buy a Luxembourg Card, which includes entrance to over 55 attractions across the country. Travelers often begin their tour in Luxembourg City is located in the south of the country, this area offers some of the old but historic buildings that will make your trip more attractive, including an international banking hotspot and is home to the remains of the fort which was built in 963. You can go down the stairs to the underworld of the city and explore one of the casemates range of a network of tunnels that run beneath the castle walls, or chose to do a guided bus tour that allows you to get on and off as you hope to explore more interesting destination. Luxembourg City also offers a variety of museums and a fantastic restaurant featuring more than 2,300 vintages of wine.

In addition, Luxembourg travel would not be complete without a visit to the Ardennes, is situated in the north of the country. Battle of the Bulge raged across the region in 1944, but today the area is home to a peaceful hiking trails and many cities are ideal. Echternach charming village surrounded by forests are really delicious heaven on earth for pedestrians and motorists alike. Echternach is the largest city in the Little Switzerland and is home to the town hall of the fifteenth century. Beautiful Basilica of St. Willibrord seventh century, is dedicated to the saint’s native only Luxembourg, and the Benedictine Abbey which is also located in the city center.

Vianden Village and Esch-Sur-Sure are two villages not far from the popular village of Echternach, this village is the home of the Vianden Castle, this small village surrounded by hills that offer magnificent views. The castle is one of the most impressive ancient buildings in Western Europe, because of the size and grandeur built on the Roman fort of the 11th century and into the 14. Esch Sur is also an ancient village which consists of the remains of the castle moat Luxembourg and nature. Picturesque village allows you to observe a medieval town and the stunning scenery of the Ardennes. And Luxembourg travel would not be complete without at least one day spent in one perfect little village. Image via 1, 2, 3, 4