Venice Beach in Los Angeles California

Hi guys, last night I saw a beautiful beach in California, and I really liked what was there and can be done there, although I have not visited. Located in a district that is often called the Venice, on the waterfront in the Westside of Los Angeles, California. Venice Beach California is one of the most popular destination that offers a variety of activities and excitement around the beach area. This area is also very famous for its canals that resemble tourist city like Venice Italy. Walking on the pavement edge of the beach is one enjoyable activity in Venice beach, in addition to unique deals such as shopping, dining, family recreation, sports like skate boarding, basketball and handball, you’ll find a holiday or just enjoy an unforgettable weekend. You’ll find street performers in a wide range of expertise, both singers, magicians, musicians, instrumental, forecasters and others. If you want to stay a few days you can find a wide selection of hotels in the nearby coastal area. For more information about hotel reservations and other facilities, you can visit the official website of Venice beach.

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venice beach in california