Victoria and Albert Museum, Famous Museum in London

After a trip in a few places in London, now is the time you stop for the Victoria and Albert Museum, to see and observe more than 4.5 million objects best collection, which consists of 145 individual galleries that reach more than 5,000 years of art, ranging from ceramics, jewelry, and some artifacts from the Middle Ages, it is that makes millions of people visited the Victoria and Albert Museum, not only become a famous museum, but this museum has become one of the most popular tourism place in London, England.

History says the Victoria and Albert museum was founded in 1852, and since the establishment of this museum covers an area of about 12.5 hectares, the museum has always been developed stage by stage, and what you get is the performing arts from several countries, the museum is sponsored by the government culture and sports, this is makes Victoria and Albert museum  one of the museum non-departmental public bodies in London.

You will meet some of the largest collections in the Victoria and Albert museum, including, ceramics, silver, glass, textiles, and a large collection of post-classical sculpture from the ownership of the Italian Renaissance, but that you will find a large collection of South Asian culture, Japan, Korea, and Islamic world art. If you are planning a trip to the V & A Museum, I can assure you easily find accommodation and other facilities, are like cafes, restaurants, and several hotel options near the museum.