Virgin Earth Bahias de Huatulco – Oaxaca, Mexico

Adjacent to the Sierra Madre range of South Mountain, Hidden along the beautiful coast of Oaxaca, Bahias de Huatulco can be found, precisely located in the town of La Crucecita, Mexico.

Search for identity and return to nature, and visiting Bahias de Huatulco is the perfect blend of natural beauty and the cool green leaves of the trees in the hills, all would not be the same, everything is always different, and that’s what makes Bahias de Huatulco looked elegant and beautiful.

It helps you know the Mexico weather, during the dry season comes (the month of December until May) will result in the color brown are more dominant in the forest, so instead, the forest looks fresh green in the rainy season (June to November), and the choice is on you, when your time make the trip.

Beautiful Place Bahias de Huatulco beach Oaxaca Mexico
Clear Water Beach In Oaxaca Mexico