Walters Art Museum, Mount Vernon Baltimore, Maryland

Walters Art Museum is a museum of art founded in 1934 with initial name of the Walters Art Gallery, the collection of this museum were collected by William Thompson Walters and his son Henry Walters, and after his death, this art collection bequeathed to the city of Baltimore, recorded more than 22,000 art works.

And in 2000 this art Gallery changed its name to the Walters Art Museum, located in Mount Vernon Baltimore, Maryland. The  museum collections is a art of Egyptian, European pre-20th century, some greek and roman sculpture sarcophagus, ancient Greece, the art of China, India, the European Renaissance, Islamic Manuscripts, and much more.

Walters Art Museum also provides learning programs for all ages, all done by people who are experts in their fields, you can explore the history, culture, and see the development of art, on display in an interactive and engaging so that visitors can more easily absorb the lessons are given.