Wandsworth: A Relaxing Break in London

Visiting London can be an exhausting experience. Trailing on the tubes and striding around the streets doesn’t suit all travellers. Travelodge’s Battersea hotel in Wandsworth can provide a relaxing break in London with access to the West End and other top tourist locations.

Wandsworth is one of the most scenic and pleasurable areas of  London. A quiet borough, to the south of the city, Wandsworth is where the River Wandle meets the Thames.

The river bank makes a beautiful, but lengthy, evening walk through Battersea and into the city’s West End. Don’t be put off with by the distance; start early, stopping at The Waterfront pub along the way.

Spend the evening dining in central London and catching an evening performance. This gives a pleasant flavour of the bustling big smoke without leaving a nasty taste in your mouth.

For eats and drinks, Wandsworth isn’t as packed with as many notable restaurants as the city centre. But the only Michelin starred restaurant in Wandsworth, Chez Bruce, is located just two miles from Travelodge’s Battersea hotel.

Infamously known for being the training place of celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, this restaurant serves some of the finest food in London.

This cutesy district isn’t short of striking spots to view during your stay at Travelodge’s Battersea hotel. Home to the very first UK brewery, Young’s Brewery, this makes a fantastic landmark to visit despite it no longer being in use.

The Royal Victoria Patriotic Building and St. Anne’s Church also make sweet sojourns.

Wander a little away from Wandsworth, towards Wimbledon, and visit King George’s Park. An afternoon here in the summer is perfect for picnics, playing sports or moseying through the paths and ponds of the park.

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