Warsaw, Travel Ideas in Poland

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. these place located in the heart of the historic region of Mazovia called on the Vistula. this place is heaven for those seeking a holiday with views of the historical heritage of ancient buildings in the old town, such as  stone houses with colorful facades,  ancient walls, Cathedral of St. John’s, and the Royal Castle is a royal palace and official residence of Polish kings. in addition to offering the beauty of ancient architecture, old town also offers a few shops art galleries, traditional shops, cafes, restaurants, and some other accommodation facilities that accommodate the needs of the family. you and your family can also visit the  museums and galleries,  national museum or museum Frederic Chopin, and a complex of small 18th century palace, surrounded by a park with a lake and theater. Warsaw also held several events held every year, such as Gatherings of thousands of people on the banks of the Vistula on Midsummer Night’s for a festival called Wianki, and The Warsaw Film Festival  an annual festival held each October. Warsaw also has oldest public park,  the Saxon Garden, is located 10 minutes walk from the Old City, and  the Royal Baths Park is a  largest public park in the city, suitable for a family picnic.

Cathedral in Warsaw Poland
Old Town in Warsaw
Warsaw Square Center