Waterford, Famous City in Ireland with Severals Attractions in City Center

Waterford is the seventh largest city in the whole of Ireland. this place is home to Reginald’s Tower, a monument of the oldest in this city which retains the Viking name. in addition, Waterford is also home to Waterford Crystal, is a glass industry which produces glass and crystal. you also can visit an art gallery located at Greyfriars, which showcased a couple of the permanent collection of the city, from Irish and international art. and to the Waterford Museum of Treasures is a major museum in the Waterford that has a  collection of more than 1,000 years of history of the city. for accommodation and facilities, this place offers good facilities, ranging from hotels, great restaurants, places of recreation, and shopping centers.

Waterford at Night
Waterford Castle in Ireland
Waterford Crystal Product
Waterford Museum of Treasures in Waterford Ireland