Wellington, One of Fun Family Vacation Destinations in New Zealand

Wellington is the capital and port of New Zealand. It is located on the northern tip of North Island and the Gulf Coast from Cook. Wellington is the southernmost cities in the world. The city is located on the shore of the bay and the steep hillsides. Sometimes, during the 9th century in New Zealand first settled Maorove. In 1642, he discovered the islands of the Dutch navigator Tasman AJ. In the year 1769 by Captain James Cook priplul. In 1840 the city was founded by British settlers and New Welligton Zelenda was declared a dependent territory of New South Wales. In 1865 was declared the capital of Wellington, New Zealand. Wellington is a city with many faces. In addition to the massive structures of concrete skyscrapers and glass buildings original timber. Everything is surrounded by greenery. In the city of beautiful buildings of the period such as the Parliament buildings viktorianskho, Victoriina University, the Church and the Saint. Paul. Wellington is a city of culture and art. Museum of New Zealand Te Papa is a big modern complex. The museum’s exhibit on the history of the country, volcanic activity, fauna and flora. In Wellington New Zealand, he is the second largest wooden building in the world and at Old Government Building “former parliament building”. Attraction is interesting is the elevator first town up the valley above the town of Mount Victoria. Iz of moves mountains offer magnificent views of the city. The interesting points of the city includes a botanical garden and zoo. Wellington offers many ways to use sport. The city and its surroundings are many bicycle paths. The beach is a watersports surfing and more. These place is one of fun family vacation destinations in New Zealand.

Museum of New Zealand at Wellington
Wellington Activities
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