White Beach in Boracay Philippines

White Beach in Boracay
Philippine Boracay is an island located about 315 km (200 miles) south of Manila and two kilometers from the northwestern tip of Panay Island in the Visayas region geographically speaking Barat. Secara Philippines, Boracay is part of the municipality of Malay in Aklan province, which is located in Panay, one one of a group of islands that make up the center of the Philippine archipelago.
Boracay can be reached via Manila and headed caticlan but only by small plane because the airport has a short and narrow, From Caticlan it takes about 15 minutes by boat to Boracay, from Kalibo, one and a half hours by bus plus a 15-minute boat ride.

If you’ve been on the island, you will get easy and simple transportation such as pedicabs and motorized tricycles along with other passengers, you can also hire private vehicles such as bicycles and motorcycles, and shuttle service offered by some hotels. but since the majority of pedestrians there then you will blend in and follow.
White beach, stretching about four kilometers on the west side of the island, mostly in the barangays of Balabag. This is mainly because of the sand, pure white White Beach and the surrounding sea-blue water that Boracay is often called “the most beautiful tropical island in the world.”
Barangays also includes & Beach Boracay Island Yacht Club and the Crocodile, a popular destination for picnics, diving and marine tourism. Dead Forest, a beautiful place which is believed to be inhabited by people of elemental spirits, there are also hotels, restaurants, bars and shops line along the meandering path. This is where visitors to the island come to see Boracay.

Sunset pictures from the beach Boracay always lure foreign currency, many people are waiting and perpetuate this image, red, gold and sometimes orange sunset appeared to fade near the horizon like a swallow Boracay.

Boracay resort will also get a lot cheaper than the small to luxury resorts with bars and restaurants, you can enjoy eating seafood such as shrimp, lobsters, crabs and fresh fish and a swimming pool overlooking the sea, or enjoy the sunset.