White Sand Tulum Beach Quintana Roo, Mexico

After seeing the beauty of the ancient Mayan buildings Chitchen Itza, you might want to travel to the coast of Tulum, a beach with ancient Mayan ruins but unlike in Chitchen Itza, you will not find towering pyramid building, but you will find a narrow stretch of white sand and keep adding historical elements in it,  set back schedule your vacation and visit to the tulum beach, The  located in municipality Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Tulum Beach is a beach of white sand that is not wide enough, with ancient relics of the virtual building located in a high cliff near the beach, sunset, or want to taste the typical cuisine of Mexico, as well as internationally, from Asia and Italian cuisine.

As more and more visitors are coming, Tulum beach provide the restaurant , shops that sell accessories typical marching Mexico also provides a place to stay in the area. Tulum also provides a bar if you want to come at night.
So whether you want to arrange travel schedule and visit the beach in Tulum,  Mexico?

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Tulum Beach Mexico
Tulum Mexico, Beach in Mexico
White Sand Tulum Beach, Quintana Roo, Mexico