Wieliczka Salt Mine, Oldest Salt Mines in Wieliczka Poland

Wieliczka Salt Mine, is one of the world’s oldest salt mines, located in the town of Wieliczka Poland, where it is located in Krakow. In addition to historic sites, Wieliczka Salt Mine is also one of the attractions which are popular in Krakow. Tourists have the opportunity to observe dozens of historic statues, and chapels carved from rock salt in it. you can do a tour of the cave, you will find the cathedral, underground rivers, and some space that also serves for weddings, and other religious events. in addition, you will also get an exhibition on the history of Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Historic Statues in Wieliczka Salt Mine Poland
Salt Mines in Wieliczka
Tour of Wieliczka Salt Mine
underground rivers at Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland