Windstar Cruises

Brings you the atmosphere of past sailors, sailed the ocean and scenic spots around the world, with 160 other passengers on board, you will get wonderful experience together, with the screen above the trademark typical. This ship is sailing north of Tahiti, the Wind Star fleet operates four ready to take you to your destination, Each room is decorated with wooden cabins and a soft cloth, and equipped with spacious bathrooms and comfortable as well as a CD player and VCR. There are a lot of entertainment that will increase your joy in the journey of this cruise, Tahitian dance, which showed typical of the journey, and much more. In addition, the Wind Star cruises also give priority to services and facilities, The choice is simple but perfectly prepared. you will receive personal attention from the chef who runs the street, who will greet each visitor, and welcome comments from them, from you. You might take a Southern Caribbean cruise aboard the Wind Surf, with ships a bevy of subtle accents that will enhance your trip as you travel over the sea. Of quality products you find in the bathroom for the tender steak with a lunch, Visits are very good that are available for you to choose from Nevis is a great stop off the beaten path and is suitable for wind star experience. Most cruise ships do not stop here and you can really enjoy the taste of the warm Caribbean sea journey on a ship made ??specifically for the perfect holiday.

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