World of Coca Cola, One of Fun Things to do and Interesting Things in Atlanta

The World of Coca Cola Museum is located in Atlanta, Georgia. These place is one of the most popular attractions of the city. Coca Cola-lovers around the world can be interested to know that popular soft drink that was invented and first sold in a pharmacy in downtown Atlanta, and now tourists can get the full experience of the Atlanta Coca Cola Museum, knowing the history of the famous soft drink, “Coca Cola”.

The story of Coca-Cola began in 1886 when he was first introduced to the world in Jacob’s Pharmacy in downtown Atlanta. attractions in this place can also make a separate trip to the actual residence of Jacob, located just outside of town. The World of Coca Cola museum itself is full of fun things to do and interesting things, and  moved to its present location near Centennial Park in 2007, with multimedia attractions, such as 4-D movie Looking for the secret formula, and exhibition from Coca cola product where over 60 different beverages from around the world are available to sample. This is a Atlanta trips popular after the tourists visiting the zoo Atlanta and Atlanta aquarium.

World of Coca Cola at Night
World of Coca Cola in Atlanta
World of Coca Cola in Atlanta GA
World of Coca Cola Museum Atlanta