Yemen, Historic City in the Arabian Peninsula

Yemen is located in the Arabian Peninsula, bordering Saudi Arabia, Red Sea, and the country of Oman. Middle East increasingly popular as a place for adventurous tourists to visit, but because some areas are safer than others, it pays to do your research before jumping into the trip. This small but beautiful country is an interesting place to go, and a trip to Yemen is famous for the opportunity to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site locally, but other reasons including the beautiful architecture, a number of islands in the Red Sea, and ancient history.

UNESCO adds another ancient city in Yemen to their list in 1986, an ancient city perched at an altitude over 6,000 meters and is home to the mosque, bath houses, and houses all date to the 11th century. If you are planning a trip to Yemen, other sites not to miss is the historic city of Zabid. The city is actually the capital of Yemen for a short period between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. University here regarded as an important center of learning for the Arab world over the years. There is one final sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list in Yemen. Socotra archipelago is noted for the rich biodiversity including plants, birds, fish, and much more. Nature lovers will want to make sure their trip to Yemen including the second inlet and an eco tour of four islands near the Gulf of Aden. If you are the type of tourists who can see the specific difficulties of the past and sacrifice certain comforts, there are tremendous attractions, like the islands, should be seen in unexpected corners of the world. Travel to Yemen will continue to increase, as a result of this extraordinary sights, and tourists are curious to see them.

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