Zaton, Popular Resort Ideal for a Family Vacation in Zadar, Croatia

Zaton is a very popular resort in Zadar, Croatia, these place is one of most famous visited croatia tourism which is a former fishing village, today it has been recognized as one of the best equipped stations throughout Croatia. This resort complex offers a large apartment complex and a campground  in a pine forest separated by a promenade lined with restaurants and shops. During the day there is a market.  Zaton offers a complete service for holiday spending. both for family and honeymoon couple, You can find almost anything. There is a beautiful beach 1.5 kilometers long and spacious, with attractions there. There are showers and changing facilities underway. Zaton offers plenty of sports activities – water sports and tennis, volleyball, diving, basketball and handball on the local sports fields. Zaton is also full of nightlife. Local restaurants with large terraces offering their evening programs every night. There are also dance clubs, as Saturnus club, which is one of the biggest clubs in Croatia. Zaton is ideal for a family vacation where everyone can enjoy.

apartment complex at Zaton Zadar
Beautiful Beach at Zaton Croatia
Holiday Resort at Zaton Croatia